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Mobile Games
  • Harvest Land
  • Trump's Empire
  • Student's life
  • Snow Queen 2
  • TatTap Madness
Harvest Land
Lovely farming game with a bit of magic to play for free!
  • 10M+ of instals
  • 100k Daily Active Users
  • Featured by Google Worldwide 10 times
  • TOP 200 GROSSING GAME in more then 20 Countries
Game preview
Trump's Empire
It is time to make America great again!
  • 1M+ of instals
  • TOP 3 Game on US Appstrore for Two Weeks after president Elections
Game preview
Student's life
The new student life simulator will help you to have some fun, to remember your past and you're likely to experience new
  • 500k+ of instals
Game preview
Snow Queen 2
From the creators of epic animation film, Snow Queen 2, comes an all-new 3-puzzle adventure – Bird and Weasel.
  • 1M+ of instals
  • Featured by Google
Game preview
TapTap Madness
  • The craziest clicker you've ever seen in your life.
  • The game that should overcome the results of all previous games.
  • Coming soon!
Game preview
PC Games
  • Weeping Skies
  • Hope Lake
  • Amulet of Dreams
  • Riddles of the Past
  • Insane Cold
  • Blue Tears
  • Dream Hills
Weeping Skies
Weeping Skies is a magical world in Hidden Object genre. Player will explore gloomy alleyways, meet new friends, uncover secrets and discover a plot that threatens the city.
Game preview
Hope Lake
Hope Lake is a Hidden Object game with mystical and gloomy detective story. Player will search for the maniac to put a stop to his crime spree.
Game preview
Amulet of Dreams
Amulet of Dreams is a magical story in Hidden Object genre. Player traveling between the edges of reality. Defeat the mighty Mage and save the World!
Game preview
Riddles Of The Past
Riddles Of The Past is a Hidden Object game with detective story and post apocalyptic atmosphere. No documents, no memories - just my name. Emily Hanson.
Game preview
Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age
In new Hidden Object game Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age, player must save the planet from eternal frost. An antique amulet wakes the evil Frost Giants who threaten the world with a never-ending ice age.
Game preview
Dream Hills: Captured Magic
Dream Hills: Captured Magic is a family Hidden Object game. Players will get to a fairy tale adventure for the whole family.
Game preview
Blue Tear
Blue Tear this is a new game in Hidden Object genre. This game is not easy even on a minimal difficulty, this game for the hatdcore HOPa player.
Game preview
Leonid Zhuravskyi
Managing Partner
Ivan Manannikov
Head of Development
Evgeniy Kirillov
Community manager